The first step is the drafting process. As a client, we believe that taking your vision and turning this into a working professional design is the most important step in the construction process. Dream homes come from great ideas and unique designs. Our drafting and architectural designers’ main focus is to make your Dock, Deck, or Outdoor Living Space stand out while complementing your home or business.

Working with one of our friendly project managers will help determine which design is right for your home or business. Once you have selected the perfect design, you will receive a quote. A preview meeting will also be scheduled during this time to discuss the process of moving forward. After you have decided to move forward with the project, the project manager will then review your plans and give advice on options that might come up during the design phase. When the design is complete, the project manager will schedule the time to review the final plans and discuss the all the steps to build your one of a kind design.


As a client, your Project Manager will then work directly with you to get all needed permits to build your project. Our projects are reviewed and filed with the permitting office, TVA, or Army Corp of Engineers by our staff. Once this is done we will discuss and review all the areas of the permits that tend to confuse homeowners not familiar with the construction terms or materials required on the permits to build the project. With experienced project managers and working with partners focused on building only with the highest standards, you will have someone you can trust on your side to help you complete the permitting process.


We offer various types of pile driving: treated wood pilings, treated 6×6 timbers, galvanized pipe, steel powder coated pipe (schedule 80), and other options on request. We have the ability to drive any type of piling using our equipment by our trained crew members.


We will custom build to the dock plan using only the finest materials. We use only materials to withstand the water and last for years to enjoy. First, we start with the pilings. Driving all the pilings and then bracing them properly. Next, the entire frame of the structure will be built using pressure treated wood and galvanized fasteners. The surface and trim can be done many different materials (pressure treated, composite, recycled plastic or exotic woods) and your choice of optional materials. Last, we then can add the roof structure using the materials of your choice. Many options from metal roofs to asphalt shingles can be used to achieve the look you want. From basic projects to special requests and unlimited material options, if you have an idea we can build it and make it a reality.


Floating docks are a great choice and offer many options. First, we start with the construction of the frame of the structure per the plan. We use many different frames ranging from steel to wood. Next, we install the floats (the amount depends on what is going on top of the floating dock) once the floats are installed to the frames we then float the structure in place and then drive the pilings in the exact locations of the brackets made to the dock frame. Once the pilings are in place we then install the surface of the dock and the trim. Last we will install the roof structure if desired. Floating docks are a desired choice for homeowners that use their boat year round.


Naturally trees will fall into the water or will need to be removed over the water. We are equipped to do tree removal on the water. We also have the ability to remove the logs and debris that make their way by water to your waterfront.


From boats to personal water craft, we can design and install any size lift you may need or repair the current lift you have. We offer many types of cable and hydro lifts to fit any need you may have.


Does your dock need to be replaced or repaired? Not all aged docks are beyond repair and they are not always cheaper to replace than to repair. We do dock inspections, dock repairs, lift repair, dock protection, flotation replacement, bumpers and guards, dock cleats, and under water repairs. Before you decide to do a complete dock replacement contact us to see if you’re current dock can be repaired saving you money on the job.


Removal of old or unwanted docks or decks is a labor intensive job. Dock & Deck has both the crews and the equipment to make any demolition go seamlessly.


As a client, only one Project Manager will deal with all the phases of the construction process. Your Project Manager will oversee these steps and keep the project on a timeline with our main focus on quality and craftsmanship.


Many times there are inspections that are required to start the project or move on to the next phase of construction. Some of these inspections are excavation, foundation, sub floor, decks, framing, electrical, plumbing, and many others that we handle with our knowledge of this type of construction.


DOCK & DECK feels one of our most important roles is to be the point of contact for our clients. During the process we offer daily, weekly, and monthly reports to show the progress and keep you informed on all the steps of your project. With the technology that is available today, people can have a wide scope of options that will work for you. From telephone calls, emails, text messages, paper reports, or personal customer log in areas with live video over the internet showing you every step of the project. DOCK & DECK has the solutions for you to be informed of the entire process and keep you up to date from any location worldwide.